Isn’t it hubris to start a blog with no Fields medalists?

I’m Noah Snyder, and I was just shocked to realize that not having a Ph.D. puts me in the distinct minority here. I’m a last year student at Berkeley, I’m mostly interested in pictorial algebra and noncommutative tensor products. I also do a bit of old-fashioned representation theory. One could say I study quantum algebra and quantum topology, however since I know so little physics those monikers are a bit misleading.

This summer I’ll be in Denmark for 3 weeks visiting my advisor and attending two conferences at the CTQM, and then I’ll be headed to teach at Mathcamp in Maine. So most of my blogging this summer will be about what I learn at those conferences and the stuff I’m teaching about at Mathcamp. However, I do hope to also put up some posts on what I mean by “pictorial algebra”, a little bit about quantum traces, and possibly some stuff about bimodules over Hopf algebras.


2 thoughts on “Isn’t it hubris to start a blog with no Fields medalists?

  1. I only just had my Ph.D. for half a year when I started my weblog, and I don’t expect to ever get a Fields Medal.

    Math blogging is only just now exploding onto the scene, and there are no rules as yet. Have fun, and use this platform to get your name known, ’cause that’s what it takes to get a job.

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