Using LaTeX in WordPress

As a note to my fellow bloggers and the throng of commentators already attracted to this vibrant blog: using LaTeX in WordPress is a snap. You just write $latex followed by your favorite latex code, and cap off with a $.

For example, if you wanted to render the formula


You would just type

$latex A_x=\mathrm{End}_{\mathcal{O}_{X,x}}(\mathcal{E}_x,\mathcal{E}_x)$.

Isn’t that slick?


5 thoughts on “Using LaTeX in WordPress

  1. Well it is cool, but how come it doesn’t work on my wordpress? Did you have to ask for something extra?

    Let’s see if it works in a comment: (\gamma_\mu\gamma_\nu)^2 = \pm 1.

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