That was quick.

We’ve only been online for a couple days, and we’ve already been linked by The n-Category Café. We were going to wait until a few more posts were up to look for publicity, but I guess it came to us first.

The most interesting question is, of course, how they found us. It would appear from the blog stats that it was Technorati that gave us away, after I added the Café to our blogroll. Amazing how the internet has a mind of its own, now, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to add more exciting content for a couple of days or so, as I’m leaving for Denmark in a matter of hours. However, the upcoming conference there (mentioned by Noah) will hopefully contain some good blogging possibilities (not to mention good smørrebrød possibilities) including some pre-talk blogging sneak preview of my talk on the Hochschild homology of Soergel bimodules. OK, actually the slides for the talk have been on my website for almost a month now (but I won’t link to them now, because the present version contains lies. I’ll put up a lie-free version soon), but it’ll totally be better when I add some bloggy context to them, right?


7 thoughts on “That was quick.

  1. Yes, good old Technorati.

    If I have one piece of advice to pass on, it’s don’t be afraid of asking in public what might turn out to be dumb questions. There’s often a gem to be found in untangling our confusions. Admittedly I have the advantage that nobody’s expecting a philosopher to avoid dumb mathematical questions.

  2. I very much enjoy seeing this blog come into existence! Am looking forward to interesting discussion.

    A practical question:

    maybe I am being dense, but I cannot find the feeds for your blog. Best would be one feed for content, one for comments. Certainly these exist, somewhere? What’s the URL?

  3. At least for me, Firefox puts an RSS/Atom feed icon in the right-hand side of the URL bar. Clicking on it gives various options for subscribing to the feed associated with that page.

    Which I now proceed to do forthwith. . . .

  4. Actually, last week was the first time I had met Tony. However, Nick Proudfoot, who I collaborated with on a project a few years ago, is working on related stuff with Tony, so I suspect we will be crossing paths quite a bit just because of that.

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