Heading to Lisbon

So things are wrapping up here in Denmark. Tomorrow is the last day of talks, and then on Saturday, I am flying to Lisbon to relax for few days (presumably with large quantities of vinho do porto and fish soup) before the link homology conference in Faro (Will any of you all be in Lisbon next week before the conference? I’m happy to share my port and fish soup [though not to mix them. Bleggh]). Thus, I’m afraid I won’t be posting much over the next week or so.

It’ll give my co-bloggers a chance to catch up. As of today, I’ve posted 16 entries, and the other five bloggers combined have gotten 17. I’m hoping the power of shame will improve this record.


10 thoughts on “Heading to Lisbon

  1. I’ll be coming in on the 4th. You might have all sorts of wonderful grants to support this travel, but I’m paying out of pocket so I can only afford the one extra day at the end of the conference.

  2. I did get money from my advisor for the plane ticket. But I’m paying out of pocket for accommodation in Lisbon. It’s not such an expensive town, and once I’m there, I feel like it’s worth paying a little extra to stay there for a few days.

    Not to mention that I had to do something between conferences, and Portugal is much cheaper and tastier then Denmark.

  3. Doesn’t that mean we’re winning?

    Do we really need an arithmetic lesson? On why 16 > 17/5? Man, maybe I was wrong about this whole co-bloggers thing.

  4. They get credit for coblogging while collectively doing half the work.. Sounds like a win to me.

    On the other hand, if your aim in blogging is being able to brag about having a blog, rather than actually writing things people want to read, you may have gotten into the wrong business.

  5. Oh no, I haven’t gone over to the dark side or anything. I just want to know why you’re dividing by 5. You can’t be on both teams dude!

    Or do we have a 6th co-blogger who’s never posted?

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