Mathematical streets

On a lighter note, I’ve gotten my housing assignment from IAS. Next year, I’ll be living in a one bedroom apartment on…wait for it…von Neumann Drive. I think Weyl Lane probably would have been a little more appropriate for my research interests, but I don’t suppose they take that into account. Still, much cooler (by which I mean, dorkier) than any other street I’ve lived on before.

Of course, I would rather live on Gauss Way in Berkeley, but I’m afraid there isn’t much space for a house there. Are there any other exciting mathematical street names out there? There seems to be an Eulerstrasse in Basel, but on the whole, I feel like these sorts of things are hard to search for. Is AIM going to get a mathematically themed street name for its new place in Morgan Hill (it doesn’t seem to say at the moment on their website)?

EDIT: John Baez seems to have the same issues in mind.  The comments there lead to a list of all streets in Paris named after mathematicians.

6 thoughts on “Mathematical streets

  1. For sheer volume of dorky street names, you can’t beat CERN. Just about every street named after a physicist. Detailed street maps seem hard to come by though…

  2. There’s also a national aspect to it, for instance in France there are several streets across the country named after Henri Poincaré, Evariste Galois, Augustin Cauchy, Elie Cartan, Joseph Fourier…

  3. There’s a quaint little Riemann street in Berlin. Unfortunately I found out that it’s not named after “the” Riemann, who incidentially lived in Berlin for a while; rather it’s named after the founder of some kind of gymnastics club.

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