Who Are Those People?

For anyone wondering: the folks in the photograph at the top of this page are, from left to right: me, (probably) Emily Peters, Noah Snyder, and Soroosh Yazdani. Getting a photograph of all of us will probably require photoshop and/or a trip to Maui.

5 thoughts on “Who Are Those People?

  1. it would be rather difficult to get a picture of all of us, though you never know. Those of us who are no longer living in Berkeley may be looking for excuses to come back.

  2. Let the gimpery begin!

    The photo now shows, from right left, Ben Webster, AJ Tolland, Scott Morrison, Scott Carnahan and the back of Chris Schommer-Pries’ head.

    We were actually all in Maui, but somehow Scott C escaped from this photo, so I gimped in a photo of him from another day at Maui, looking a little, perplexed. (He was hiking at the time, so it wasn’t the math!)

  3. You may want to do a left-right reflection on that photo of me in mid-yawn (or was it mid-sneeze?), so that the light would seem to come from the same direction. Alternatively, you could reflect the rest of the photo, so that your list of people would be in fact from the right.

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