Save math camp!

While I hope we write some posts soon that don’t involve riding other people’s bandwagons, this seems like one worth riding for a bit, given that one of our bloggers is rather interested in mathcamps (and thus the rest of us hear about them at length).

A Turkish math camp for undergraduates (which Alexander Borovik put up a lovely photopost of) has been shut down by the Turkish authorities for the somewhat Orwellian crime of “education without permission.” Considering that the students are over 18, it’s a little unclear to me who they should have gotten permission from. Not to mention that the school was apparently financially supported by the Turkish analogue of the NSF (and the director is chair of the mathematics department at one of the leading universities in Turkey and a member of the Executive Commitee of the Turkish Mathematical Society). I encourage you all to go sign Alexander Borovik’s petition.


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