Good things that are contagious

One of the small pleasures of having a blog is seeing the weird searches that bring people to your blog. Usually they’re pretty mundane, manglings of our name or some obscure mathematical object we’ve been discussing lately. But a few are sublimely ridiculous. Some of the best from the last week include

  • lasagna dror
  • good things that are contagious
  • wall street bloodbath
  • electron photon alpha space relation the
  • why I want to be a referee
  • how to learn quantum
  • digital era god

The internet is a strange place, no?

I promise I’ll stop being so meta soon and get back to the math. I’m sure it will lead to a drop in our traffic, but it would be untrue to the spirit of this blog if I didn’t get back around to the perverse sheaves at some point. It’s just so much easier to procrastinate from packing by writing fluff. (Just to note: I’m leaving Berkeley on Friday night, so at the moment I’m frantically throwing stuff into boxes to put in the mail tomorrow. I mean, that’s what I’m doing when not procrastinating.)


2 thoughts on “Good things that are contagious

  1. That’s my fault. The Operadic Periodic Table post mentions both in the same post. And each individually have also been mentioned many times. We clearly are the right site for that search.

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