About the lack of posting

I’d like to apologize about how quiet the blog is. You’d think that being at the Institute would be perfect for math-blogging, but that underestimates how intense it is when you’re collaborating with someone here, especially if that someone happens to live directly upstairs from you. Good for the research, not so good for the blogging time.

As for the next few weeks, I afraid things won’t be getting much better for me (not that life will be bad, just the amount of it I spend blogging). This weekend, I’ll be at the AMS Regional Conference in New Burnswick (the city in New Jersey, not the province of Canada, and then Monday, I’m flying to see my friend, collaborator, and occasional satirical commenter on this blog, Nick Proudfoot, which will hopefully result in us doing math. I know it will result in me giving talks on Tuesday (on the more refined version of this post) and Friday (an expository, Many Cheerful Facts-style talk on spectral sequences).

Then, I’m heading to Berkeley for another week. I’m also giving talks there in the student-run seminar on Tuesday (it’s a little unclear what I’ll talk about there. Maybe A_\infty-algebras and equivalences of derived categories, though that might be getting too technical. Maybe a souped-up version of my spectral sequences talk with more Lie algebra cohomology, and such), Wednesday (a repeat of my talk from the day before), and possibly Thursday, in the biweekly keg seminar (not a typo!).

So, right, a busy two weeks. If there’s a ever time when I’m sober, not talking or planning a talk, not playing application guru, and not being chased down by people I’m supposed to be writing papers with, I might write a post or two. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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