Journal cancellation watch: Max Planck vs. Springer

Max Planck cancels all of its (edit: online) Springer subscriptions! Yikes! Looks like we’re not the only ones fed up with high journal prices. (via Mathematics under the Microscope)


3 thoughts on “Journal cancellation watch: Max Planck vs. Springer

  1. Woohoo! Score one for paper!

    BTW, if Max Planck is all for open access, why can’t I get free electronic copies of all the books authored by its staff?

  2. One more thought: It’s a pity that Max Planck can’t get a refund on its access to Springer’s electronic archives. I just gave a semi-historical talk, in which I used “snapshots” of several Springer papers from the early 1900s, and the quality of scanning done by Springer on these was pathetic. That libraries are trashing their old paper journals in favor of electronic archives of this quality is unconscionable.

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