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As I’m sure you’re all aware, information about conferences circulates the mathematics world with less than perfect efficiency. In the bad old days before the internet, it seems to have been almost entirely word of mouth. Nowadays, we have some lovely things like the AMS Mathematics Calendar (which all mathematicans should read regularly, unless they are crackheads), but it is a sad fact of life that some conferences organizers don’t know about the mathematics calendar, don’t know how to submit a conference listing there, or are just criminally lazy (or perhaps don’t want that much publicity, though I find that hard to believe). Another venue, which is less well publicized where I hear about conferences is the geometry listserv at UTK. While this list slants a bit more topological/analytical than I do, it tells me about enough interesting conferences that I do appreciate it.

Which leads me to wonder: are there more of these secret (by which I mean, somewhat indifferently publicized) listservs out there? Should I be signed up for some of them? Is there hot, hot, conference action that I’m missing out on because I’m not?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

EDIT: At least 25 people clicked on the link that should have led to the AMS Math Calendar, and not a single one of them saw fit to mention that it linked to entirely the wrong place. Thanks guys. Anyways, link fixed.

10 thoughts on “Secret listservs

  1. I don’t tend to hear about any of these things, so I don’t have any links to offer. However, as long as we’re talking about it, does anyone know a good one for quantum topology, or even just algebraic topology?

  2. The really good listservs are the ones that have lively discussions about math, not just announcements of conferences. Bob Rosebrugh’s category theory mailing list is one. Don Davis’ algebraic topology mailing list is another.

    I wouldn’t want to make it too easy to join these: they’re both fairly idiot-free, and it would be nice to keep it that way. But, Tom Prince already gave away the necessary information.

  3. About your edit: well I did notice but just thought this was a plan of yours for everbody to notice this big Kostant tribute meeting where you didn’t make it as an invited speaker :-)

  4. If you thought I had any hope of being included as an invited speaker in that list, you need to learn to read CVs more carefully. For one thing, I got Ph.D. last year. I don’t think any of the invited speakers got theirs in this decade.

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