New York Times Crossword

Sorry to hijack the blog for something non-mathematical, but Malia Jackson and I have our debut published crossword appearing in today’s New York Times. Hope you enjoy!


7 thoughts on “New York Times Crossword

  1. You math types are clearly plotting to take over the puzzle world. I know why your puzzle is about UFOs. It’s to keep us all distracted why you and your mathematician cabal consolidate your stranglehold on my daily entertainment. Soon, it will be all SECANTS and RADII and EULERs …

    Anyway, I’m on to you. And congratulations.

    Rex Parker

  2. Thanks for fixing the link, Aaron. I was thisclose to posting it myself, but thought that would come across as grasping and desperate. And that it not what I’m all about.

    Rex is right about the plot, isn’t he? I’d better start stockpiling…whatever it is that one must stockpile before the mathematicians establish a beachhead.

  3. PS I meant “while,” of course, not “why” (“WHILE you and your mathematician cabal …”)

    while … while while while. While can’t I type without typos? Ugh.


  4. Sunday, January 6, 2008. 76D seems to be a mistake. I think it should read “FLUIDSTATE,” and I don’t know what OAF (74A) stands for.

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