Since the mouse-over text asked…

Of the conferences on the right hand sidebar, I’m going to Knots in Washington, the Georgia Topology conference, the Kostant conference, probably the Gauge Theory and Langlands program, and the Kirbyfest.  I’ll probably also put in an appearance at Fox and Milnor if the talks look interesting.

I’ll be speaking in Washington and Georgia, both times about recent work with Catharina Stroppel, with an emphasis on connections with knot homology and Scott et al.‘s disoriented TQFTs.

This is a landmark, in that it marks the first summer since 2003 that I won’t be leaving North America (however, I am going to Canada, so I get to keep my streak of leaving the country alive).

Consider this an open thread to jabber about upcoming conferences.


3 thoughts on “Since the mouse-over text asked…

  1. I might come by MSRI this week as well. I’m coming up to Berkeley to work with Noah and Emily. Any recommendations on the most promising talks at the Homology Methods in Representation Theory conference?

  2. I’m in Berkeley this week, mostly working at home. But I’d be happy to grab dinner, if you’re up for it, Scott & Mikael.

    Also, I’m going to be at the KITP Gauge Theory & Langlands workship. Not sure what else.

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