Change of scenery

After what seemed like roughly the longest two weeks of my life (which included roughly 20 hours of driving, 5 hours on trains, a conference, an apartment search, two seminar talks, taking a friend to an urgent medical care center and one frantic packing of everything I own), I’ve finally managed to leave Princeton permanently (well, at least for the foreseeable future), and take up residence in Cambridge, MA.

As soon as I recover, I have some exciting math posts to write (but only after I get some furniture). Keep your eyes open.


6 thoughts on “Change of scenery

  1. A lot of people made that transition, including at least one other person I know at IAS.

    Dror Bar-Natan once told me that moving from Princeton to Boston was the steepest positive slope his happiness function has ever had. I can believe it.

  2. Hey, I made that same transition! — twenty-six years ago.
    No driving though.

    I missed my friends in Princeton, but apart from that Cambridge was an improvement in every respect.

  3. Having made the Princeton-Cambridge transition in the other direction, I agree with Bar-Natan’s evaluation of the slope and its sign…

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