More mathematical confections

The Poincaré disk has never looked so delicious.



Consumed at a department tea in Davis (sadly across the continent from me). Thanks to Yvonne for the photos.

7 thoughts on “More mathematical confections

  1. Alas, it appears that the bottom picture is not the fundamental domain for a modular curve.

  2. Chocolate printing is a neat idea, but I find the homemade aspect of the shortbread rather appealing. Also, the grooves make it so that, ideally, you could break off infinitely many pieces, each with area pi/6.

    Besides, if you’re going to go through the trouble of printing the disc, you might as well put it in wearable form.

  3. At my 21st birthday party, the cake had white icing and black liquorice illustrating how to tile a hyperbolic plane with regular pentagons.

  4. Oh, yeah. Maybe I should have added a disclaimer. Unfortunately, my Davis visit started a couple days too late for me to eat this particular disc.

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