Mysteries of the universe

So, looking at Google Reader stats today, I discovered that our blog has a bit over 400 subscribers (for reference, that’s a bit over half of the n-category cafe’s subscriber base, and between a third and fourth of Terry Tao. I guess it pays to update regularly).

On the other hand, our comments feed has exactly two subscribers. My question is: who’s the other one?

9 thoughts on “Mysteries of the universe

  1. Me three. I’m following with google reader. I am weak in the ways of the blogosphere — how do these statistics work when people subscribe through bloglines, google reader, etc.?

  2. For what it’s worth, when I look at the Google Reader statistics (for those who don’t know what we’re talking about, look at a single feed in Google Reader, and click “show details” in the top right), I see right now 2 subscribers for the whole blog, and 6 for the comments feed. (vs 741 for the cafe, and 1402 for terry)

    So clearly their statistics are badly broken, or this whole enterprise is just Ben and a bunch of his sock puppets.

  3. Scott! What did we discuss about outing my sock puppets!

    For me, it says 418 for the whole blog and still 2 for the comments. You weren’t looking at the posts per week, were you?

  4. I also subscribed to the comments feed via Google Reader some time ago. I wonder if “the comments feed” is well defined? Perhaps people are subscribing to different URLs that all feed the same comments. I’ve subscribed to , which Google Reader tells me has 6 subscribers.

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