7 thoughts on “Dance your dissertation

  1. After that, contemplate for a moment for a moment whether you could dance your thesis. I think mine would get stuck around the point where you have to explain what a Poisson bracket is.

    Your act should definitely include three fish swimming around in a circle somewhere (Jacobi identity, obv).

  2. I’m sure I could work out something involving curves, and stacks. I’m not entirely sure that I should.

    Does this contest qualify as a representation theory problem?

  3. AJ-

    Just don’t throw out your back while doing so. I’m not sure you’d ever be able to explain that one with a straight face.


    I’ve heard worse ideas. I expect to see it on YouTube soon.

  4. So, I saw this a couple weeks ago and immediately decided that next year I want to do it. I’m not sure how yet, but I know I want it done on a massive scale. Massive. Like, imagine 150 people demonstrating the octahedral axiom in dance (today I realized that dancing the proof of the snake lemma on that scale would be pretty entertaining too)–not that that is directly related to my thesis, aside from involving derived categories, but still. It just might be visually impressive enough to at least catch the eye of the judges, who likely aren’t expecting a math dance.

    Did you look at the prize?

  5. You’d have to re-mix it though, so the element you start with can break-dance while he waits for the diagram chase to get back to him. Then the whole thing can erupt into a conga line of victory.

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