Post secret blogging seminar beers

After the original Secret Russian Seminars, there’d usually be post-seminar beer. Since a few of us, and perhaps some readers too, are in Washington DC at the moment for the Joint Mathematics Meeting, it seems appropriate to have a “post virtual seminar beer”.

For once, you don’t need the internet to participate, so you might even get to meet our offline member, Peter Tingley! (Most likely he’ll just sit in the corner and complain about the internet.) Just come to “Brickskeller“, a pub near Dupont Circle, at around 7pm ON TUESDAY. Noah Snyder, Ben Webster, Emily Peters and I should be there (although Ben doesn’t know this yet). It’s a half mile from the Hilton, and anyone staying at the Marriot or Omni can take the subway to Dupont Circle.


5 thoughts on “Post secret blogging seminar beers

  1. Ah, Brickskeller. An excellent beer selection, and a faint whiff of puke and longing. I could certainly go there every night.

  2. Or you can suck it up and walk. Woodley Park to Dupont Circle isn’t going to kill you, even in winter.

    I’ll see if I can make it, depending heavily on weather and other receptions I’ve been invited to.

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