Stimulating mathematics

So, a draft of the stimulus package is making its way around the internets.

Notable for academic mathematicians:

  • 3 billion to the NSF; 2 billion of that specifically for “employment opportunities.”  Under current allocations, math’s share would be between $100 million and $50 million.
  • A $500 increase in the Pell Grant.
  • Billions in direct aid to state universities (couldn’t find a specific number on that one; $39 billion to all levels of education).

The real question is: will any of this money make it into the job market this year?  If it does, in what form?  Does giving out more grants count as “employment opportunities” or does that mean a lot of people being directly employed by the NSF (a second round of postdoctoral and graduate fellowships when the stimulus comes through, perhaps)?

Does anyone more informed in the ways of the NSF than me have ideas?


10 thoughts on “Stimulating mathematics

  1. I believe that NSF has been holding up officially awarding some grants until their 2009 FY budget comes through. So a second round may not be necessary.

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