A couple of links

I’m just pointing this out since it’s a new comment at the end of an old thread, but those interested in the el Naschie situation may want to read this comment. If this is true, then it is going to make an excellent TV movie.

In other news, Tim Gowers asks “Is massively collaborative mathematics possible?” His opinion seems to be, and I agree, that the answer is that it is possible, becoming more so every day, and in fact, quite desirable. I mostly agree; it reminds me of some of the things I wrote previously about sharing ones ideas.

3 thoughts on “A couple of links

  1. The link is fixed. Looking at it again, I’d forgotten what a long and interesting comment thread that was. I should write inflammatory posts more often, it would seem.

  2. Okay. Just remember that there is some sort of line between “insightful and controversial writing” and “trolling the math-o-blag”.

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