More stimulating mathematics?

It seems that there is a second wave of postdoc positions opening now, administered through the NSF’s Math Institutes.  It sounds like they will be some kind of weird mix of the usual NSF postdoc and a position at one of the institutes, and specifically aimed at those who have struck out this year.  As we’ve discussed, I’m a little skeptical about inflating the number of temporary positions without creating permanent ones to match, but, in the short term, good news for anyone still looking.

7 thoughts on “More stimulating mathematics?

  1. The stimulus money to the NSF has to be spent quickly, so much of it is going to postdocs instead of longer grants. I had been speaking with the director of the International Research Fellowship Program and it was fairly clear that she anticipates being able to offer far more postdocs this year as a result of the increased (temporary) funding. These Joint Institutes postdocs are another nice manifestation of this general trend in the NSF.

  2. Unlike usual NSF postdocs, it appears that you don’t need to be a US citizen, just a graduate from a US university. I wonder why this is so.

    Perhaps they thought the pool of US citizens wouldn’t be big enough?

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