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My tendency to write slideshows instead of actual posts continues. If you like to see oodles of subtle variations on the same talk, you can see my slides from speaking at ARTIN in Glasgow (which just happened to be coincidentally scheduled during the breaks of the categorification conference there), which is the 8th time I’ve given that talk this year (I’m giving a talk today which will be my 13th total talk of 2009. You can see why I’ve been spending more time with Beamer than on the blog).

However, if you’re looking for something newer, this time you have a chance to see the slideshow before the people coming to the talk. I’m speaking on my work with Geordie in about 45 minutes, and made a Beamer show to accompany part of the talk.

Notably, this is the first Beamer I’ve made with Tikz. I’m particularly proud of the picture on slide 17, which I’ve posted under the cut:

A picture of a spectral sequence

Look, Ma! A spectral sequence

One thought on “More slides

  1. I see your spectral sequence and raise you one torus.

    (The link is to the webpage rather than directly to the image)

    Likewise my first attempt at integrating TikZ and beamer (one might almost suspect they were written for each other), the former of which I learnt about from these very pages so thanks for that.

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