New Journal: Quantum Topology

The European Math Society Publishing House (a non-profit publishing company which also publishes the Journal of the EMS, CMH, and half a dozen other journals) just announced a new journal: Quantum Topology. I think this is very exciting as it fills a nice hole in the existing journal options. The list of main topics include knot polynomials, TQFT, fusion categories, categorification, and subfactors. So there should be lots of material of interest to people here.

2 thoughts on “New Journal: Quantum Topology

  1. It’s a pity they’re not publishing the first issue until 2011. I’d happily submit a paper or two!

    Presumably this will take some of the recent pressure off G&T. On the other hand, it might see quantum topologists more likely to have their papers submitted to G&T rejected, with the ‘explanation’ that it would be more appropriate for QT.

    Certainly in the long run, it’s an excellent thing, and good news for people around here!

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