Did someone break the arxiv?

Presumably this is a short-lived phenomenon, but right now it seems that all recent articles on the arxiv are unavailable. For example, if you go to http://arxiv.org/abs/0907.1051 you’ll get a message Paper 0907.1051 doesn’t exist. I haven’t looked through things thoroughly, but every link I followed from recent arxiv postings was also broken, while older (>2 years) links were fine.

I don’t see an announcement on the arxiv site. I wonder what’s happening?


14 thoughts on “Did someone break the arxiv?

  1. The UCDavis front looks like it works at first, but whenever you try to retrieve a problematic paper as a pdf file you get an error. My guess is that the front has local copies of the abstracts but not of the actual papers.

  2. This might explain why their API started giving errors!
    For a moment I thought that they had made changes to the API without telling us, but now I see that this is a different problem. Thankfully, it’s theirs ;)

  3. Hmm. Here in the UK, I am now being automatically bounced to the French mirror site (bizarrely not the UK mirror). The mirrors seem to be working fine. So it seems that they are now aware of the problem at HQ, as it were…

  4. When I first started having trouble last night, I sent an email to the arXiv help desk. I got the following response this morning :
    Thank you for your question. We are currently experiencing technical
    problems. We are working to resolve the problem.

    Thank you for your patience.

    arXiv admin

  5. My hep-th RSS feeds did not update last night. Today, after noon the new articles came up and they do not link to Cornell.

  6. It’s working again, but am I right in thinking that there seem to have be no uploads to MATH today? I need my daily fix…

  7. It looks like an older version of the database was used for the content and not for the headers (pointers to content), because on top of not finding the new articles, I also noticed it didn’t provide updated information on the old ones.

  8. from http://arxiv.org/new/ :

    “No new papers or announcements for 9 Jul 2009. arXiv administrators spent much of 8 Jul recovering from a problem with the main server (a corrupted database caused by human error on the evening of 7 Jul). During this time users were redirected to mirrors and submissions were not possible. We have thus deferred announcements of new submissions according the to following schedule:

    * Articles received from 16:00 EDT Tue 7 Jul 2009 through 16:00 EDT Thu 9 Jul 2009 will be announced at 20:00 EDT Thu 9 Jul 2009.”

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