More about more about matches

Those of you who enjoyed arguing about my last post on matches for academic jobs might be interested to look at other people having the exact same argument 10 years ago: (via Market Design)

Here’s an article from the medical student section of the Journal of the American Medical Association complaining about the interaction between The Match and families and here’s Al Roth (an economist who helped design the current match algorithm) rebutting her. I personally found Roth to be more convincing, but you all probably could have guessed that.

In the same post, there’s a link to a Chronicle of Higher Ed article documenting one couple’s experience trying to get jobs together; it’s called “Lessons of a Dual Hire” but it sure sounds to me like the only lesson contained therein is “make sure one of you has lots of job offers from schools that are really excited about hiring you.” Right, thanks for the lesson.