Numbers of NSF postdocs

I think this past year, we were all assuming that there were more NSF postdocs, due to the stimulus, but I hadn’t heard numbers, until I decided to look them up on the NSF website. I thought you guys might be interested to see as well. These may not be perfectly accurate (I just searched the database for awards in the calendar year 200*), but they’re close enough.

2009: 56
2008: 41
2007: 29
2006: 30
2005: 32

8 thoughts on “Numbers of NSF postdocs

  1. Yes. I was only looking at ones awarded through a particular program in the Division of Mathematical Sciences. This doesn’t include postdocs hired even through RTG or usual NSF grants in mathematics.

  2. Alex-

    I don’t see one. Who’s gotten one is a matter of public record, but as you can see by looking at, say, mine, unlike a normal NSF grant there’s no info about the content of the project.

  3. It doesn’t seem to be all that well known, but funded research proposals are a matter of public record. You can make a freedom of information request and receive a copy of the entire proposal (not just the summary). I don’t remember the exact location, but it is easy to find instructions for doing so on the NSF website.

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