“Webinar” on MathOverflow

Anton Geraschenko’s doing a webinar on MathOverflow Saturday (that is, today) at 11am West Coast/2pm East Coast time. From the little I know this will involve a short presentation by him about the site, and a Q&A period, through a Java based web meeting interface. I’m having a lot of trouble seeing anything about the actual format on the website, and Anton’s announcement is pretty terse, but it sounds like it should be an interesting discussion about math on the internet, and if nothing else a good way to find out about this “Elluminate” platform they seem to be using.


6 thoughts on ““Webinar” on MathOverflow

  1. So would that be 6pm GMT? I think you should include this in the announcement, since most readers, even if they happen to know which timezone West Coast/East Coast is referring to, cannot necessarily be expected to know which of the two DST/nonDST versions of the timezone are in place.

  2. It’s 11am PST, 2pm EST, 6pm GMT. My understanding is that I’ll start by talking about the site, but that I should expect lots of audience participation, so I’m prepared to go off in whatever direction people like. I can talk ad nauseum about how the site works and why certain bits of it are important. I’m much less confident about questions like “(How) Is MathOverflow likely to change communication of mathematics?” or “What can someone in math education learn from MathOverflow or Stack Exchange?” If you have thoughts or opinions about that sort of thing, please join the webinar and share.

  3. Perhaps all real-time events on the internet should be listed by Newfoundland time.

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