MathOnline — a compendium of free online mathematical references

Andrea Ferretti has just revealed his new project: MathOnline is a searchable catalog of free online mathematical references. For example, here are all the online guides to Algebraic Number Theory. The focus is on expositions, not research (we already have the arXiv), and all material should be legal for redistribution. There is clearly a lot of work to be done filling in the catalog, but I think this site could become really useful. Head over there and add your favorite texts!

4 thoughts on “MathOnline — a compendium of free online mathematical references

  1. Currently, the idea seems to be focused upon books. My good friend Professor Elvis Zap continues to do short topical videos on youtube. It is a pity that most of these things are below college level at the moment, but there has been an urgency in getting these items in place. And yes, I will redo the Cantor set. The only thing I like in that one is the shirt.

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