“TeX, LaTeX and Friends” StackExchange site also looking for people

As those of you who follow StackExchange drama know (StackExchange is the platform that MathOverflow runs on), there was recently a change in how StackExchange sites are set up. Unlike the situation when MO was born, when anyone with a dream and willingness to pay cash could start a site, now they go through a process to ensure that there is community support. The stage of this process before beta is to get people to commit to using the site to show that the community has enough support.

There’s a proposal for a Q & A site on (La)TeX which has now entered this stage and needs supporters to be launched. I think such a site would be an amazing resource for mathematicians (and others, of course), and I really want to see it launched. If you agree and want to sign up, go here.

HT: Andrew Stacey at meta.MO

13 thoughts on ““TeX, LaTeX and Friends” StackExchange site also looking for people

  1. What’s the name of the site going to be?

    [Random suggestions: TeXnicians (not TeXperts), or Overfull box = Box Overflow.]

  2. I think “TeX, LaTeX and Friends” is the proposed name. I’m not sure how open to change that is at this point (perhaps someone who knows the Area51 process better can answer).

  3. No, apparently the names appearing on the proposals at this point don’t necessarily determine the eventual name, but the Area 51 people have so far been silent on what the process will actually look like.

  4. Anyone know how to associate my Area51 account with my MathOverflow account? Apparently, active users on already established sites have more sway in the voting to start a site.

  5. This Area51 process seems pretty silly and overly managed by the stack exchange developers. I don’t understand the motivation for having a creative commons license but then limiting severely the uses of your product. Why not just set up a TeX Q & A site using a different platform? For example VBulletin works pretty well (it’s becoming more customizable), and the developers there don’t seem to feel the need to keep such tight reigns on their technology.

  6. @G S Thanks. The software looks pretty interesting. I also now understand the Stackoverflow model better. I hadn’t realized that this change was a change in revenue model for them. It makes more sense now. If they are able to establish themselves as the premier “expert” site then they should be able to command fairly high prices for advertisers. Best of luck to them!

  7. This site is now in its private beta (you can access if it you “committed” at Area 51). The public beta will begin next week. In the meantime, read-only access is available through sites such as stackmobile.com.

    It looks like it’s off to a very promising start.

  8. There’s another new site that just went public beta today and it has a LaTeX Q&A forum already set up: http://www.equalis.com/forums/
    The has a bunch of other stuff as well beyond forums: interest goups, blogs, jobs, open source software – all math-centric.

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