If You Like Mathematical Physics….

I visited the University of Pennsylvania on Tuesday, and while I was there, Ron Donagi told me about an upcoming conference at UPenn, called “String-Math 2011”.   It’s a week-long meeting, June 6-11, with a bunch of exciting people on the visitor list.   And it’s the first of a series of such conferences.  If you want to know more, the conference webpage is


The early registration deadline is April 2nd.

In other news, like my co-bloggers, I’m teaching a class this semester:  Quantum Field Theory for Mathematicians, which aims to explain the basic ideas of quantum field theory through the study of mathematically well-defined examples.  In particular, we’re looking to see how Wilson’s “effective field theory” philosophy motivates the rigorous constructions of the path integral measures.  I’ve been putting my lecture notes online; you’re welcome to check them out if you’re interested.  (There have only been 3 lectures so far; we’re still on preliminary material.  However, you can see from the syllabus what I’m hoping to cover.)

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  1. Somewhat off topic: How did you scan your notes so that the black stays genuine black while the other colors are preserved? Or did you write your notes on a pen tablet? If so, what application did you use to do that?

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