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It’s a sad comment on the place of this blog in my thoughts that I’m putting a post here weeks after posting it on the Jobs Wiki, but better late than never: I’ve accepted a job at Northeastern University starting next year.  Since this is my chance to say so on the internet, let me say that this is not a reflection of any ill will on my part toward the University of Oregon, City of Eugene, Williamette River or the hypothetical nation of Cascadia.  In fact, it was a very tough decision because it was between two good options, but for a number of reasons, many of them personal, I decided the move made sense.

5 thoughts on “Job news

  1. Your work on generalized Khovanov homology is really great stuff. (Actually I’m not really qualified to pass judgment on it, but it looks great to me.) I am surprised that there isn’t even more competition for you than Northeastern and Oregon. Nonetheless, I would also say that both Northeastern and Oregon are underrated departments.

  2. I appreciate the vote of confidence. I think my official answer to your comment on competition is “No comment.” If people care to discuss that further they can email me.

  3. Congratulations! Whenever I made it over to Northeastern, I thought “why don’t I come here more often”? It’s a really friendly and exciting department.

  4. Well, it certainly isn’t as convenient now that I’m in Ann Arbor. But I still appreciate reasons to come to Boston.

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