Things learned today in calculus class

Usain Bolt can accelerate at (1/2) g. Yeah, I could do better jumping off a building. But he does it horizontally.

For anyone who is going to be teaching about computing derivatives numerically, my students really enjoyed looking at the data in this paper. (I give them just a scan of table 1, and have them do the analysis themselves.)

Any other great data sources?

2 thoughts on “Things learned today in calculus class

  1. Awesome! I’ll definitely keep this in mind.

    I have searched long and hard for great calculus data sources, without much success, but I did recently come across these really cool home-made flight dynamics logs for some of the Apollo missions. Each log gives the position and orbital characteristics of the spacecraft in question at various times during the mission, and points out events like engine burns. I don’t know quite what to do with it yet, but I’ve got some ideas. :)

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