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Michigan panel on math teaching in the age of internet forums September 28, 2012

Posted by David Speyer in Uncategorized.

Sorry for disrupting non-Michigan people with this, but on Monday Oct. 1, at 5:40 PM, I will be on a panel in East Hall B844 on teaching math in the age of google and math.SE. I haven’t been given a list of topics, but I’m hoping to talk about both how to do accurate evaluation of our own students, and how to ethically help other institutions’ students. All levels of participant, from undergraduate up to full professor, are welcome to attend. I assume there will be an official announcement going out, but I thought people interested in the topic might see it better here.


1. Peter Krautzberger - September 29, 2012

Any chance this will be recorded or even broadcast (say, via a Google hangout)?

David Speyer - September 30, 2012

I doubt it, but I’ll pass on the request.

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