Shameless conference promotion

So, obviously posting on this blog has ebbed a little (I keep hoping to reverse this trend, but I think we’ve all found that demands on our time that come before blog posting tend to ratchet upward, not downward).  I assume there are still a few people reading, though, and I wanted to do a little promotion.  

One of the thing that’s been demanding my time lately has been conference organization.  We’re planning a conference at Northeastern next spring in recognition of the 60th birthday of Andrei Zelevinsky, with the exteremely original name of “Algebra, Combinatorics and Representation Theory”. I think it’s going to be great, and I encourage any of you who are able and interested to attend; we have a really great line-up of speakers.  

For more information, see our website.  I want to particularly encourage young people to attend; we’re really hoping (cross your fingers) to have funding for grad students and postdocs.  (Furthermore, it will help us to obtain said funding if young people express an interest in coming.  So, if you would like to come, please register).