More on shameless promotion

As those of you who’ve scrolled down the page know, the conference I mentioned a few months ago (now sadly memorializing the life of Andrei Zelevinsky) is starting tomorrow. Of course, for those of you who don’t live in the Boston area, coming to conference isn’t an option unless you were already traveling today, but I do have a (somewhat belated) announcement. Assuming that the AV gods are kind and everything goes as planned, it should be possible to watch the talks live (of course, we’ll also make the videos available after the conference, in case you’re busy). The schedule is here; the talks start at 10am tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “More on shameless promotion

  1. It has indeed been possible to watch the talks live, and the quality was really good. Thank you for setting this up!

    And of course thank you for organizing the conference in the first place. Given the sad circumstances, it proved the best tribute to Andrei’s life and work (which for the most part were inseparable). I am sure he would not have wanted it any other way…

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