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Often Australian jobs don’t make it on to, for various reasons, so I thought I’d help distribute this one — Melbourne is hiring, initially a full professor, and subsequently several tenure track assistant professor positions, all in pure mathematics.

Below the fold, Arun Ram’s message about this. Australia is a nice place to come and work!

Dear Friends,

After lots of work in getting it in place I am truly pleased to report that we are now advertising the first of a number of expected continuing positions in Pure Mathematics at University of Melbourne. This first advertisement is for a senior person at the tenured Full professor level We have been promised additional tenure track Assistant professor level positions in pure mathematics and we are hoping that any new senior arrival will be involved in this upcoming hiring on the Assistant professor level.

In this search we do hope to find someone who is a leader in research and is able to negotiate the demands of a continuing research program, mentoring students and postdocs, obtaining grant funding, and sitting on committees and talking to deans on behalf of the department when necessary. I, myself, moved 5 years ago from University of Wisconsin-Madison into this position at University of Melbourne 5 years ago and have found it very enriching in all aspects, mathematically, socially and as a place to live. I am happy to discuss what the job entails and what the expectations are.

We currently have a very active seminar, lots of international visitors, and a pleasant working environment and good support from the University administration. We are keen to preserve these aspects and are looking for someone who will fit in and continue the trend. In terms of field, these are positions for Pure Mathematics, but we are very open to all subfields of pure mathematics. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can provide further information about the department or the University, or life in Melbourne (which is usually ranked as one of the very top cities in the world to live in by magazines that do this kind of ranking).

I have test driven the online application form. Fortunately, many fields can be left blank, so this should not be too onerous (for example, we are capable of reading your educational degrees off your CV). The most important fields in addition to your name and contact details are the referee contact details, and the upload of a cover letter, a statement addressing the selection criteria and a CV. For “How did you hear about this position?” I expect that many applicants will be in the “Other Referral” category. The statement addressing the selection criteria is an important document for selection committees in the Australian system. Please do submit this statement this and explain why you are qualified and capable of the job. I will be on the selection committee, but I will only be one person on the selection committee. The selection criteria are in section 1 of the pdf file available under “Position Description and Selection Criteria” of the ad ( If there is anything I can do to help make the process as easy as possible please do not hesitate to contact me at

Arun Ram

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  1. By the way, perhaps it would be more effective to write this as an email, but I’ll leave it as a comment for the peanut gallery: there is no excuse for not posting on MathJobs. It’s sad when you can’t accept applications through MathJobs (as every other system I’ve seen is both vastly inferior and lacks MathJobs’s network effects) but there are legitimate reasons this might be impossible (usually due to university bureaucracy).

    However, you can advertise on MathJobs without accepting applications (Here’s an example). I’m sure it costs a small amount of money, but it is worth it in terms of publicity.

  2. Any information on when the other positions will be opening up, what they’ll be looking for, what the payscale is for what levels?

  3. Arun reports:

    The other positions will be advertised either in November 2013, or in November 2014.
    Which of these two it is will depend somewhat on how the search for the full professor progresses.
    The Australian pay scales are pretty standard all over Australia, see for example

    I would expect that the junior positions will be advertised at level B but we have
    done well with the administration and will very likely be in a position to negotiate strongly
    as necessary to make competitive offers (and maybe hire at level C or D if necessary).

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