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Australian Research Council journal list February 24, 2014

Posted by Scott Morrison in Uncategorized.

(This post may only be of interest to Australian mathematicians; sorry!)

Summary: A number of mathematics journals (e.g. Quantum Topology, Forum of Mathematics Sigma and Pi, and probably many others), are not listed on the new official journal list in Australia. Please, help identify missing journals, and submit feedback via http://jacci.arc.gov.au/.

Every few years the Australian Research Council updates their “official list of journals”. One might wonder why it’s necessary to have such a list, but nevertheless it is there, and it is important that it is accurate because the research outputs of Australian mathematicians are essentially filtered by this list for various purposes.

There is a new draft list out, and the purpose of this post is to coordinate finding missing journals, and to ensure that interested mathematicians submit feedback before the deadline of March 15. Please note that while in the past this list included dubious rankings of journals, the current list is just meant to track all peer reviewed journals in each subject. Having a journal missing entirely means that some published papers will not be counted in measures of a department’s or university’s research output.

You can access the full list here, just journals marked as mathematics here, and just the journals marked a pure mathematics here. These are not the “official” lists, which you have to create an account (follow the instructions at http://www.arc.gov.au/era/current_consult.htm) to view, and even then only an Excel version is available. I hope that by making these mathematics specific lists available in a standard format, more mathematicians will take the time to look over the list.

Please look through the lists. If you see something missing, please comment here so we all know about it. In any case, please submit feedback via http://jacci.arc.gov.au/ (you’ll have to create an account first) recommending inclusion of the journals identified so far. Submitting a missing journal requires identifying an article published in it by an Australia author; feel free to add this information here as well if appropriate. (Thanks to Anthony Henderson for pointing out this detail!)

It is also possible to submit additional “FoR” (field of research) codes for journals on the list, and this may be of interest to people publishing cross-disciplinary research. Feel free to make suggestions along these line here too: the AustMS has been advised that “multiple responses, rather than a single AustMS one, will carry more weight on this aspect”.


1. Coons - February 24, 2014

Journal of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society is missing.

2. Michael Barnsley - February 24, 2014

Journal of Fractal Geometry is missing

3. Adam Sierakowski - February 24, 2014

Münster Journal of Mathematics is missing.

4. Cheryl E Praeger - February 24, 2014

International Journal of Group Theory is missing. http://www.theoryofgroups.ir/ It is diamond open access (free for readers and authors)

Ars Mathematica Contemporanea is missing. http://amc-journal.eu/index.php/amc

5. Anthony Henderson - February 24, 2014

Online Journal of Analytic Combinatorics is missing, and I have already submitted its details through the JACCI site. Scott, perhaps you should make clear that submitting a new journal through JACCI requires identifying a recent publication in that journal by an Australian author; the ARC is not in fact interested in “all peer reviewed journals”, but only in journals that could come up in the ERA 2015 assessment of Australian research. For example, the Journal of Commutative Algebra is also missing from the list, but I was unable to find any recent articles in it by Australian authors, so I have not submitted that.

6. Phil. Pollett - February 24, 2014

I have recommended

(1) Journal of Computational Dynamics
(2) Markov Processes and Related Fields
(3) Stochastic Systems

7. David Speyer - February 26, 2014

It looks like new journals have been added to the list since Scott downloaded that spreadsheet: You can go to https://jacci.arc.gov.au/JACCI/Journals/Search to check against the current version. (For example, I went to add the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, but found it was already present.) Scott, is it still important to comment on journals if they are found by this search?

8. Anthony Henderson - February 26, 2014

In fact the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics was always in the list Scott posted, only alphabetized under T for `The’. Since names can appear in variant forms, it is best to search the list for the journal’s ISSN.

9. Scott Morrison - February 27, 2014

Certainly not all of these ought to be on the list, but for reference here is a list of journals indexed by MathSciNet with an article since 2012, that do not appear on the list.

0386-118X, Fukuoka Univ. Sci. Rep., 1
2010-3263, Random Matrices Theory Appl., 1
1006-6837, J. Math. Study, 25
0373-2436, Izv. Ross. Akad. Nauk Ser. Mat., 60
0253-4142, Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. Math. Sci., 1
1841-3293, An. Univ. Vest Timiş. Ser. Mat.-Inform., 10
1542-7951, Internet Math., 18
0253-374X, Tongji Daxue Xuebao Ziran Kexue Ban, 16
1674-733X, Sci. China Inf. Sci., 27
0253-987X, Xi’an Jiaotong Daxue Xuebao, 19
1539-854X, Afr. Diaspora J. Math., 7
0975-0770, Int. J. Adv. Eng. Sci. Appl. Math., 8
1609-3321, Mosc. Math. J., 17
0861-6663, J. Theoret. Appl. Mech., 11
0146-4124, Topology Proc., 45
1867-1152, Adv. Pure Appl. Math., 17
1617-9447, Comput. Methods Funct. Theory, 10
1937-5093, Kinet. Relat. Models, 58
0018-2079, Hiroshima Math. J., 25
1003-7985, J. Southeast Univ. (English Ed.), 7
1663-487X, Quantum Topol., 4
1939-0807, J. Commut. Algebra, 36
0387-4982, Tsukuba J. Math., 7
1580-3139, Image Anal. Stereol., 11
1821-410X, Funct. Anal. Approx. Comput., 20
0214-316X, Butl. Soc. Catalana Mat., 3
0911-6036, Forma, 2
2193-5343, Arab. J. Math. (Springer), 1
1221-8421, An. Ştiinţ. Univ. Al. I. Cuza Iaşi. Mat. (N.S.), 30
0898-9583, Sugaku Expositions, 11
0974-6811, Adv. Appl. Stat. Sci., 2
0037-4474, Sibirsk. Mat. Zh., 166
1007-6093, OR Trans., 25
1027-5487, Taiwanese J. Math., 229
0009-725X, Rend. Circ. Mat. Palermo (2), 1
1560-7542, Diskretn. Anal. Issled. Oper., 69
0386-2194, Proc. Japan Acad. Ser. A Math. Sci., 77
0373-8299, Comment. Math., 16
1340-5705, J. Math. Sci. Univ. Tokyo, 19
1578-7303, Rev. R. Acad. Cienc. Exactas Fís. Nat. Ser. A Math. RACSAM, 43
0258-7971, J. Yunnan Univ. Nat. Sci., 24
0213-1315, Rev. Internac. Métod. Numér. Cálc. Diseñ. Ingr., 14
0974-3235, ProbStat Forum, 17
1309-3452, J. Algebr. Stat., 4
1126-6708, J. High Energy Phys., 69
1936-4954, SIAM J. Imaging Sci., 11
1000-0917, Adv. Math. (China), 112
0369-8203, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. India Sect. A, 31
1943-2380, J. Adv. Res. Pure Math., 50
2102-6238, J. SFdS, 13
0974-9373, J. Int. Acad. Phys. Sci., 13
1310-0157, Bulg. J. Phys., 6
2073-8994, Symmetry, 1
0976-8386, Sankhya B, 11
1000-2243, J. Fuzhou Univ. Nat. Sci. Ed., 16
1942-9649, J. Adv. Res. Appl. Math., 28
1000-8608, J. Dalian Univ. Technol., 12
0973-6069, Int. J. Difference Equ., 12
1949-2006, J. Singul., 39
1749-3889, Int. J. Nonlinear Sci., 115
2156-2261, Kyoto J. Math., 7
1073-2772, Methods Appl. Anal., 17
2090-8997, J. Funct. Spaces Appl., 58
1221-146X, Romanian J. Phys., 49
1664-2368, Anal. Math. Phys., 24
1340-9050, Interdiscip. Inform. Sci., 7
0970-1249, J. Ramanujan Math. Soc., 24

10. Scott Morrison - March 3, 2014

0970-1249, J. Ramanujan Math. Soc. doesn’t appear to have a published policy on peer review (I can’t even find a claim that their articles are peer reviewed on their website).

11. Scott Morrison - March 3, 2014

@Michael, I think none of the authors in the first issue of Fractal Geometry are Australian. Is that right? It’s possible the ARC won’t accept this journal as there are no “ERA eligible” articles yet. It might be valuable to submit anyway, saying that it’s a very new journal and that Australian researchers (perhaps giving examples) are likely to publish there. (I’ve done this.)

12. David Roberts - March 3, 2014

@Scott #10


The articles are seriously reviewed in MathSciNet, so my guess is that some form of quality control is going on, despite the website being silent about it. But I agree, they should have a standard ‘statement on publishing ethics’ detailing their processes.

13. David Roberts - March 3, 2014

For instance, Chandan Dalawat (whom I know from G+) has published there, someone could ask him.

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