Postdoc position at ANU

Update — there are now not one, but two, positions available! The application has been extended to the end of November.

We’ve just put up an ad for a new 2 year postdoctoral position at the ANU, to work with myself and Tony Licata. We’re looking for someone who’s interested in operator algebras, quantum topology, and/or representation theory, to collaborate with us on Australian Research Council funded projects.

The ad hasn’t yet been crossposted to MathJobs, but hopefully it will eventually appear there! In any case, applications need to be made through the ANU website. You need to submit a CV, 3 references, and a document addressing the selection criteria. Let me know if you have any questions about the application process, the job, or Canberra!

5 thoughts on “Postdoc position at ANU

  1. It’s going to be a little early — applications close November 15. It would then take a minimum of 4 weeks to shortlist, get references, and do the paperwork, before an offer could be sent. Of course, we also need some time to make the decision, but as that is essentially up to me and Tony, we’ll try to be quick.

  2. The ad shows a very wide range of salaries. It is quite likely that this position will be offered at the ANU’s “level A4”, which next year is about AUD86k + 17% superannuation (retirement benefits, which temporary residents can take on departure). Of course, the exact level depends on the strength of the applicants, etc.

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