A mathematical blog by a motley crew of recent Berkeley Ph.D. students in mathematics on representation theory, algebraic geometry, knot theory, and whatever else we decide is worth writing about today. We present a mix of current research, more expository posts, and discussion of issues we think are important to the mathematics community.

We are:

19 thoughts on “About

  1. The short answer is: we were all born that way.

    By bizarre coincidence, I’m actually working on a post with a longer answer. Hopefully I’ll have that up in a couple of days.

  2. This blog is roughly the intersection of a particular math/social group (Berkeley grad students who started in 01 or 02 who went to the secret russian seminar and tuesday night dinners) with people who read blogs. The former group contains two or three women (out of say a dozen people), but none of them are into reading blogs. I’d hesitate to draw deep sociological implications from an n of 2.

    I may try to get Emily to write a guest post or two once I start my long-delayed series of posts on planar algebras and subfactors.

  3. A recent google search on automorphic representations led me to this crazy blog of yours. How long were you going to keep this a secret from one of your own??

  4. Hey Scott, when’s the next moonshine talk at MIT? I need to get up to speed.

    Just adding my double X to the mix. Ciao, boys!

  5. Hi I am a math(algebra) student, I like studing about Hopf algebra, but I do not know any references . Please help me.

  6. And I’ve been looking lately for some kind of categories/toposes-oriented seminar somewhere near Bay Area; but this one seems to be, first, virtual, and second, a little bit of too wide… is it?

  7. Is there a way to find all the blog posts made by one of you guys? Simply searching for the author’s name with the search tool does not seem to work.

  8. karthik: I suggest you ask your question at http://math.stackexchange.com or some other Q&A website. If you choose to ask somewhere, you should add more details about how you got your curve, and what sort of criterion you would want for distinguishing the line you get as the correct answer.

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