Real Curves, Open Strings, and A-infinity Algebras

Kevin Costello gave a talk last week in one of Peter Teichner’s many seminars, explaining A_\infty-algebras with a view towards his papers on topological string theory. It was the sort of talk that might have interested a lot of people, so (with Kevin’s permission), I’m posting my .pdf scanned notes here. I’ve added some physics interpretation that Kevin didn’t make explicit.

Defining A_\infty-algebras

Kevin also gave a shorter talk (in a different Teichner seminar) about his characterization of the homotopy type of a moduli space of genus zero open string worldsheets. My notes here are less detailed, but maybe someone will enjoy them.

The Homotopy Type of a Certain Moduli Space of Open String Worldsheets

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  2. I think this must have been a problem with the http server. I’m currently able to download the notes from home.

    I did change the location of the notes about a week ago, so if you had an outdated link saved, that could explain the problem. But clicking on the link should work.

    Anyways, please let me know if the problem continues.

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