Hypertoric varieties and Koszul duality

So, on Wednesday, I gave a talk with the above title at IAS, about work in progress with Tom Braden, Tony Licata, and Nick Proudfoot.  I was hoping to get David Nadler to blog it for me, but he was *ahem* indisposed.  Failing that, I’ll direct you all to David Ben-Zvi’s notes (warning: freaking huge PDF).  Hopefully, that will whet your appetite for the forthcoming paper.

6 thoughts on “Hypertoric varieties and Koszul duality

  1. first let me say I have much smaller tiff files for those who like
    them (should I be putting those online in addition? not sure
    how popular those are).

    Since Navid Zadler was indisposed let me comment that the talk KICKED ASS.
    Besides the charming Webster wit and attitude for which
    this blog is such an excellent showcase, the math was also top notch.
    Besides having intrinsically fascinating results,
    it seems that Tom, Tony, Nick and Ben are on the cutting
    edge of the next “mirror symmetry” revolution.
    Intrilligator and Seiberg
    introduced an analogue of mirror symmetry for
    THREE-dimensional (N=4) superconformal field theories, which has
    yet to have the huge mathematical impact it is bound to have.
    Gaiotto and Witten are using it to understand the universe
    (by which I mean in particular Langlands functoriality – see some of my Witten lecture notes if you can stomach the handwriting and filesize), and
    this gang have found it independently and can
    teach the physicists a thing or two about it as well – this
    physical duality is still very mysterious (since it involves
    flowing understood theories to their ill-understood conformal
    limits) and so the math can provide a guiding light.

    Exciting times!

  2. Thanks for those pdf notes! Is the Cayley graph for the Deligne groupoid of the triangle right? It looks like it has an extra double edge.

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