Go west, young man

uo_logo Well, I wasn’t willing to follow David’s lead in titling a post “Go Ducks!” but I am following his lead with good job news: I’ve just accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon, to start in 2010.   I think the department is an excellent match for me, both in terms of research and in terms of location, so hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

By the way, don’t bother rushing over to the wiki.  I totally beat you all to it (though I guess I had a bit of an advantage).  We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

11 thoughts on “Go west, young man

  1. Yes, congratulations! I rather admire the way that Oregon hires, and not just in your case.

    Since you did want to “tell the wiki”, where did you interview? I don’t mean to pressure you to spill those beans, but if you don’t mind telling, it would be of interest.

  2. Allen — You should congratulate us also on the acquisition of Ben’s future colleagues: Vadim Vologodsky, Chris Sinclair, and Weiyong He. It was a good year to be hiring four people!

  3. It’s excellent that you are going to Eugene, though our
    department at UMass could certainly benefit from more
    people with your mix of research interests. As it is, the
    department here has made solid gains in a number of
    directions, including algebraic geometry. Like UO, we
    have seen a lot of change and a net rise in quality over the
    years. I started teaching at UO in 1966 with a fresh Ph.D.,
    largely because of Charlie Curtis’s presence there, but
    left in 1968 for a year at IAS followed accidentally by five
    years at NYU/Courant. Although some grad students at
    Oregon (and here) are not motivated or strong enough to
    do real research, the department is quite attractive and
    Oregon has many good points (when the sun shines).

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