So, I noticed the other day that the Sarong Theorem Archive is not growing nearly quickly enough. A few people who weren’t forcibly dragged into Ari’s office and made to prove a theorem whilst clad in a sarong have submitted photos on their own, but still almost half the entries on the page are from fall of 2005, and there are only 8 from 2007.

Now, we might not have enough loyal readers to freep a poll, but I bet there are enough of you out there longing for internet fame that we can get the Sarong Theorem Archive back on track. In particular, 6 of my cobloggers are missing, which is really pretty shameful. Once we all have pictures up there, we can even use a montage of those for our banner. I certainly like my picture there better than the one currently posted up here. Hell, I once even got fan mail based on that picture, which I doubt will ever be said about one you see above.

EDIT: Nowadays (2010) I’m not even in the picture! Sarongs 1, blog 0.


8 thoughts on “Sarongs!

  1. I don’t think any of us actually like that photo. (And look on the bright side; you didn’t come out looking like a Night of the Living Dead extra.)

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